This medium mercury glass cake stand is 4" inches high and 10 1/2" inches across. This glossy black cake stand is a perfect blend of elegance.  Pair it with our milk glass white cake stands to give you that cool black & white drama.  Cake stand is 12" inches in diameter and stands 9" inches tall. 4 cream chairs with beige seat coverings. These cute chairs pair well with our cream table.
Two exquisite ombre red cake stands. The base is golden color and then goes to an orange and then to a red.  The stand itself is red with a gold rim.  Both are 11" inches across and 4" inches in height.  These are vintage cake stands from the 50's and 60's. Our medium black stand is 10" inches in diameter and stands 8" inches tall. This antique buffet can be used as a server, a cheese station or as a bar.  Painted on both sides so it can stand alone. Has 4 mercury glass knobs on two drawers.