This beautiful large mercury glass cake stand is 12" inches across and  3 1/2" inches tall with crimped edges that give it a delicate appearance. The second picture is looking down at the cake stand.  We have 3 sizes to choose from. This small but mighty glass cake plate/stand  is only 4" in height and 9" diameter.  It is captured with a glass ball on the pedestal.

*Pic #2 taken by Swoon by Katie Scott.
Large antique Victorian style black mirror.  This mirror is 33" x 59".
This medium pastel pink stand is 10" inches in diameter and stands 8" inches tall. We have one of these medium stands available.

*Treat table photo by Swoon by Katie Scott.
Three simply beautiful vintage hobnail white crimped milk glass cake stands.  Each is 13" inches in diameter and 5" inches in height. Perfect table for a cake or refreshments.  This small iron table will fit the bill. Just 36" L X 24" W X 28" H.

*Pic # 4 taken by Swoon by Katie Scott.