Looking for a way to display your family pictures or escort cards? Look no farther with this smart silver easel and frame.  Frame has wire insert to allow easy attachment of  photos or cards. This wonderfully unique piece could be used as several different things.  It can used as an Etagere to hold fun items for decor, or as a bar back along with our bar or as a dessert station for cakes, donuts, pies and etc.  The possibilities go on and on.  It is 6 ft tall and has a 6 foot diameter.  The boards can be in a white washed look or opt for our dark walnut colored boards.

*Pic #3 & 4 taken by Sunday Romance.
Mercury glass cake stand in a 11" diameter.  *Note the picture #3 is taken from the top looking down. This beautiful stand is 10 inches in height.

*Pic # 1 & 4 taken by Sunday Romance.
Three vintage view masters with their original boxes. These work like a dream! But are great as props. Use this sweet metal card box at your wedding to hold all those wonderful cards you receive! Cards emblem not included.

* Photo #4 by Sunday Romance
Medium milk glass white cake stands 10" inches in diameter and 8" inches in height.

* Pic #1 taken by Sunday Romance